Sunday, June 21, 2009

Itch to Pitch Update!

Wow! What a busy weekend we had......

First, I need to get to the business at hand and update you all :) on the Itch to Pitch Challenge.

After many months, I finally dove head into the hall closet/scrapbook room and cleaned it out! What a challenge... It took me about 7 hours to do the room. I was exhausted but happy when it was over. I have decided or faced facts that I am really a very sentimental person or maybe a little mental. I keep everything! It is hard for me to get rid of all those sweet things that my kids, husband, parents, friends, neighbors or perfect strangers give me! After diving in, and a few too many phone calls to a certain friend, asking "do I need to keep this?" It is done!!

I have the pics to prove it!

Just a little ugly reminder!

In the midst of it!

Did I really need my 14 year olds kindergarten work?
More Trash!!!

My sweet girl could actually get into the room!

Wow, look at those nice organized shelves......

My next project is my shelves in the school room....

BTW, my husband is loving this!




  1. Wow Kim!! Amazing transformation...I am inspired. Tackling more boxes right after breakfast.

  2. Great job! Teenager's kindergarten stuff? Yea, it's time... I just tackled my 13yo's preschool art collection! W00T!

  3. Nice work! Its amazing some of the crazy things you find de-cluttering :)

  4. wow, great job! I loved seeing the old Explode the Code book in your pile! We pitched some of those last week too! Thanks for participating.