Friday, June 5, 2009

Growing Up!

Here I am in front of the computer....early in the morning! My kiddos are sleeping in and I have nothing to do....who am I kidding! I have a ton of stuff to do! Today is a big day in our house. We have promotion night tonight at church for our home school group. I have a lot of running around to finish up some small details for the event.

Which brings me to my inspiration for this post....My boy is graduating from 8th grade and my baby from 4th. What happen to those years? It goes by way too fast! I am happy to see my boy growing into a man....and sad at the same time! He is changing in so many ways...Physically he is a man. 5 foot 11 inches and a size 12 foot. Wow! He wants to be a man, but I still manage to catch glimpses of that sweet baby that was put in my arms 14 years ago. At times, it can be fun parenting a "teen". At other times, not so much! I long to see my boy sold out to Jesus! Serving and daily living for Him. I pray that I would help him in this path....that I would not hinder his view of Jesus. I know I am on the cusp here....He will soon be grown...I only have a few short years to disciple him and send him out into this world. I just want to remember how fast the first 14 years have gone and not wither the next 5 years away.

My baby girl...I am trying with all my might to pretend she is still my baby!!! Beautiful, fun loving, sweet girl that the Lord blessed me with....
More on her later....

I would encourage all those moms that have little ones running take it SLOW...and enjoy every moment you have been given... Ladies, it goes super sonic fast!!!


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  1. So true!!! I blinked and baby cheeks, diaper bags, and nighttime feedings are gone. Savor every moment!