Friday, March 3, 2017

Hello March!

Hello March!
I can't believe it is already March.

Last weekend we drove down to San Diego to check out a college for my girlie. 
I know this is happening and I am trying to suck every second out of being a constant in her life.
I have honestly loved every second of being a mommy and I will never forget how grateful I am that
the Lord gave me an opportunity to be one.
I know it doesn't magically end when she goes off to college but so much will change.
When my boy left, it was so hard...
But alas, I survived.

Anyway, while down there we dropped her off at the school to do a college weekend and my husband and I went and had an anniversary weekend alone time.

We had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. 
The last day we picked up her and her best friend,
 who already attends the school and hopefully the two of them will be room mates next year,
and headed to the zoo.
So fun!
The two of them have been friends since they were 4 and 5.
They are adorable together.

Anyway, that was our weekend...
and now the pics..

The first one is of the two girls...
the second and third are of Balboa Park
and the last is of my man..
what a cutie he is, if I say so myself : )



  1. Great pics! We might be visiting SD soon! I hope so, I've never been!

  2. That looks like a great building! Love the picture of your man!