Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer Time

Summer time…

My camera is still in the shop… can you believe that??? Way too long…
I am still using my girl's camera
and my iPhone…

We have done a lot this summer…
at times I feel like it's too much.

Tomorrow my girlie and I 
(and a team from church) head out to Haiti.  We are so excited.
I can't wait to see these sweet kids again…

the pics are the following:
our back yard pool on a summer night…
two of them are of the canyon by our house… 
our backyard tree (from our old house)
the beach (never spend too much time there…. never)
found an old pic of my girlie from vbs 2007
and an old pic from Haiti…



  1. If you are still using a Canon Rebel maybe if I remember? Then yes I believe its still in the shop. You would have been better off buying a new camera. I love the pizza raft! Have a wonderful time in Haiti

    1. No, I am have a Sony Alpha… It is about 5 years old. Shouldn't cameras last longer than that?

  2. You got some great shots... been awhile since I visited blogs... back at it!