Thursday, June 16, 2016

Project 52. Week 24... Starting again... : )

Life is crazy but so blessed!

We have been in the mist of packing and preparing to attend our summer youth camp.  My girlie is a Senior and it will be her last year as a student.  I imagine that next year she will serve, possibly in Junior high or with Freshmen girls.
This will most likely be my last year as a counselor.  The girls I disciple are also Seniors in high school so when they are done, I will probably find something else to do.
I feel like I have reinvented myself many times in the last few years.
First, mommy, then homeschool mommy, then homeschool group leader, then after the move, homeschool high school activity director, homeschool formal co-director, then carpool mom, and sports carpool mom, team mom,  growth group leader and through it all-
wife trying to serve and find her way...
and most important-Child of God!
I wonder what is next???

These pics are from a few days this week that we did nothing but hang out at the pool...
My doggie loves the pool!

Did I tell you that my camera is broken???? It has been about 1 month! I have been using my girlie girls and my iphone! Ugh! I don't know hers as well.  Different type!
I need to get it to the shop!

Also- Happy Flag Day this week!
God Bless America!



  1. Sweet pic of your Dog....BROKE camera!? OY!

  2. Starting a new chapter here as well. Read through the sad chapters quickly, the happy chapters slowly, but always live life like it is an adventure.
    Miss you and your family. (((hugs)))

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I understand busy. We have settled into our new house and my husband starts a new job after 30 years at the old one . I plan on getting back to blogging .... It is such an encouragement .
    Your kind words were a blessing to me . I love your pool!!

  4. Oh no on the camera! My girl has the pizza float.... and the dog - adorable!