Wednesday, October 21, 2015


 I am determined to not give up...

My days are filled, so I put this to the back burner...
Then I remember....
I so enjoy doing this...
I just need to be focused again...

Kristal reminded me that we were doing a color a month.  This month of October is orange.   I so love orange.
The first three pics are of the color orange.
I made some pumpkin cookies for the football game the other day and I purchased some fancy water in that fancy bottle
: )

My girlie went to her first high school dance- outside of homeschool formal...
It was a square dance.  So cute... The best part is I did not plan one bit of it!  That is amazing.
I have been on every teen event/committee for dances, social activities, and just about everything, for the last 15
 plus years while I was homeschooling. This was her first event without my involvement. She really enjoyed it and so did I.  I went home and relaxed with my hubs.
So nice... : )
The last three are of a football game and the last is a flower from my front yard.



  1. I LOVE the first one, boots and rose! YEAH!!!

  2. The boots are awesome - the rose beautiful.... why do they stand on boxes?