Friday, May 22, 2015


Finally finished with all the wedding pics...
Sent off to the sweet bride so now I can share...

What a sweet wedding and beautiful day...
So glad to be a tiny park of it.

We have been at super sonic speed these last few months...
FINALLY, softball for my girl finished yesterday and school ends next week.  
My girlie has done so well.  The 2nd day of school in January she started softball practice and has been in full swing ever since.  Yes, that would mean 5 days a week practice and or games since January 6th!  She is a little battered and has a lot of bruises.
She has learned a lot in so many ways.  Her days are B U S Y, but she has kept up and I am so proud!
My girls has kept up with all A's and B's even when jumping in the middle of the school year.  
Soooo proud of her.
Needless to say, I am looking forward to some sleeping in time and some lazy days of summer... 



  1. I hope you get some down time this summer! Great pictures of both the wedding and the softball!

  2. Beautiful bride! So glad that Girlie has done well in school. That's a tough transition. We are finally starting to wind down with activities as well. Yay!

  3. Beautiful wedding shots! And building great memories with all the softball games!