Saturday, January 31, 2015

365-30 & 31

The last of the blue...
I almost made the entire month...

At least I get credit for trying.. : )

The last picture is of a lamp my mom gave me for my birthday.  It was the last one that she was with us....
In fact, this is heart breaking, my mom was admitted into hospice on my birthday.  She was still coherent and knew it was her last time to celebrate with me so she had my sister order this lamp off of QVC.  My sister wrapped it for her and when we all went over to help her into hospice she surprised me with the gift.  It will never be forgotten.
That is a momma's love... even till her dying day she always wants to give out to her kids.

She is in heaven for sure and I am so thankful for God's promise of eternal life in Christ Jesus!



  1. Beautiful story. She will always be an uncovered lamp, her light shining, even now.