Thursday, June 5, 2014


These are totally random photos.  The first one cracks me up.  We went to take the dog for a walk last week and we can't find the leash.  My dog loves her leash.  We looked everywhere and to no avail.  No leash.  We ended up just using something from the garage that night.  Next night, same thing... no leash.  We looked in the place where it belongs... of course, it is not there!  Ugh! I am getting frustrated, like "what happened to the leash?"  Honestly!  Again, we take her without it.  A couple of days later and I notice my dog keeps going to my dresser and just sitting there staring up.  What is she doing??? I look on my dresser to see what is up there... nothing she would want.  THEN I OPEN THE DRAWER!!!! AND GUESS WHAT IS INSIDE???!! Yep, the LEASH!!! LOL!!!  She knew where it was the entire time.  My daughter, in a rush one day, slips it into my top drawer.  And that is where the leash went.  Crazy!

The other picture was my girlie girls and the last one was from a few weeks ago.



  1. We have the SAME dog and the SAME furniture! LOL Mission Style is my fave!

  2. That is one smart dog! Maybe she could come tutor my dog. My dog has issues.

  3. LOL on the dog finding her leash! That is awesome!