Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I am trying to play catch up with my photography....
The third picture represents why our life is so crazy lately.  My girls softball life is taking over.  She loves it so much, so we keep plugging away.

Still counting my gifts....

730.  One entire week with my boy...
731. A quick trip back home...
732.  Seeing my parents during that quick trip...
733.  My friend's girl turning 16!
734.  Blessing of friendship...
735. Great softball team and coach for my girlie...
736. Counting the days until Mexico...
737. Oh, we are going on a short term mission trip...
738. Seeing my grand babies...
739.  Prayer bracelet..
740. Time to blog...



  1. Love them…Love that 3rd pic

  2. LOVE Gerber's.

    P.S. I totally just had a memory seeing your girl in uniform. I played Pony league baseball in San Francisco at 13 & 14 years old! I ended up being the only girl on my two teams and no girls were on the teams we played against in the Bay Area. The uniform was white pants. UGH! I was first baseman. My teammates would make me put my pony tail up in my hat....when I got their first player out as he was running to my base, he would see I was a girl and yell it to everyone in his dug-out. LOL! The worst was when one of the pitcher's was SOOO nervous pitching to a girl he ended up hitting me in the thigh with two pitches and I got to walk....but the bruises they left (among Mom eventually made me quit)! That game the whole team signed the game ball (with some phone numbers!) and gave it to me for enduring the pitches. Good, but crazy times. :) I did play softball when I was younger, but I liked baseball better.

    1. That is too funny Tracy! I only played softball.... and not until I was older : )

  3. Tracy's story is so funny.

    Love all the shots! My niece's play softball year round with tournaments all weekend long. Crazy schedule!

  4. I can totally relate to sports taking over. Chelsea is crazy for soccer. Ben is baseball. He doesn't just like it, he IS baseball! Then we have all the other kid's activities. Ugh. Anyway, I love the flower. Beautiful!

  5. Wow! Look at that long pony!! I love that photo! It truly tells a story.