Sunday, January 12, 2014


Game Day over Here....
My entire family, except my smart daddy and one older daughter are Charger fans.  I don't mind them and I can tolerate them if they are not in competition with my team.  Which, I might add, has not done anything in years.... Anyway, everyone in this household was pulling for the Chargers today (including me) because they are my second favorite.  If you are married to a man that loves the Chargers, after 24 years, it kind of rubs off on you.  Again, not withstanding that they are playing my team.  Cowboys, in case you are wondering.
The first picture was taken before the game.  With high hope.  No such luck.  Poor team.
And the last picture was taken while watching the game.  My cute dog wanted some of my snacks.  
I was playing with my camera while watching the game.  I usually can't just sit.
That was our day... 



  1. Love your girl with your man…Excellente on the dog photo…I'd frame that one…xo