Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Girl....

She is off to camp.....
She was so excited to go this year because she would be in "high school!" Are you kidding me, she should still be in kindergarten!  Where in the heck did the time go??? I told her she did not need to take the bus that I would drive her and she just stared at me with this look of horror on her face... "but Mom, I am in high school!" But girlie girl, you are my baby!!!!! Please let me baby you!!!!
She took the bus...
She is there, SAFE, and I am sure having the time of her life.
Why do we have to have all these stupid changes at once.  I liked it when my babies were little and they were stuck to my hip... honestly!

I am sure I made a mistake somewhere with her age... she is really only 10, right?



  1. They grow up much too fast...

  2. She really does look grown up in that picture. It happens way too fast. I still think of her sometimes as a giggly preteen girl in co- ops!

  3. Awe! I bet she is having a BLAST!

  4. This is bull cap, this growing up stuff!!! She's so beautiful!!

  5. Hi Kim! I took an unplanned blogging break so I haven't checked in here forever! Our babies do grow up too fast, don't they? I still call my oldest (who will be 12 next month) "Baby Girl."

    Hope you have a great Summer!