Monday, February 25, 2013

P-52 Week 8

This week was a blur....
It went by so fast.  Every time the week's challenge is over, I think to myself... "I have plenty of time for next week."  Then, before you know it, Monday is here and I have to scramble for pictures.  Ugh.
Anyway, good thing I have my girl.  She loves to get her camera out and show me up.  Really, she is getting better than me.  Not that I am that great but she is far surpassing me.

So, the first two pictures are hers and they are SOOC.  The last picture I took.  My boy and I went down to the college he may be attending in the fall.  He was accepted but this momma is really nervous and feel like if i don't say that he is actually going then I can pretend like it is not happening.  Anyway, they have a new building that they were dedicating it to the Lord.  They had the students go throughout the rooms and write something on the cement floor.  My boy's favorite scripture is Joshua 1:9 so he decided to write that one. Which is really a good one for me to remember during all these changes.



  1. I can so relate to you being nervous for the son leaving for college. After we moved our daughter into the dorm and had to leave her...I cried for hours! It was terrible...but as always the Lord turned it into something beautiful...Keep the faith.

  2. I have weeks like that also. Before I know it a week has passed and I have barely picked up my camera. Joshua 1:9 is a great verse to remember! I will add that to my memorization list.

  3. Love the picture of the ring! Good luck with the college decisions!

  4. I knew she took that first picture. She certainly already has a style. :)

  5. Love the ring picture and how cool about the verses on the floor!