Monday, October 1, 2012

364-274 Plus 1000 Gifts

Well, it has been a few weeks since I have counted my gifts.  We got back from vacation, had house guest-TWICE and started school.

So the list goes on...

411. My sweet friend coming to visit all the way from down South.

412. A trip to Magic Mountain with my sweet friend.

413. My 14th year of home schooling starting! And yes, I am still alive.  Not alway sane but alive : )

414. My girlie girl wanting to run (just like her momma) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!

415. Piano music being played again by my boy.

416. My boy

417. Home schooling (PRAISING JESUS FOR THIS)  Because even in the hard times, I would not change the time spent with my kids for the world!

418. Great books... this one is for Denise... great books is the key!

419. Denise coming next week!

420. Finishing a great book with my boy... 10 Second Rule! Loved it! And yes, I still read to my boy. He can read the book in half the time that I do but I make him wait so we can read it together.  I guess I won't read to him next year : (

Keep Counting...


  1. I know it my friend...I understand now and I love you for it...Although, I did have to get Johnny Tremain on audio...At least I listened to you...
    I absolutely love #419!!!

  2. So glad you popped over from Ann's. I love to meet other gratitude gatherers!

  3. Beautiful picture! Another great list