Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Day at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

We were able to attend a field trip at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  My son attended a speaking engagement with Sandra Day O'Connor.  She spoke about being the first woman Supreme Court Justice and pretty much told a room full of teens that hard work got her there.  After, we visited the library.  I have never been to a presidential library. It was amazing!  We actually were able to see part of the Berlin Wall.  I was amazed! I kept saying... Wow, that is so cool! My girlie girl did not really get it but I did!
The first picture is of the Christmas trees on display.  They have a collection of trees representing the history of The United States of America.  I only pictured four of them.
The second picture is my girlie girl in action.  That is what she does... always taking picture in ways that I don't even think of.
The last picture is a piece of the Berlin Wall.  AMAZING!!!



  1. WOW!!! How come I didn't know you went there...
    Looks awesome!! Great pictures...

  2. That is so neat!!! Thanks for sharing! Hopefully I can take my boys there one day! Hey- I hear you are going to the Mom Heart Conference too!? Can't wait! :)

  3. What a fabulous field trip! Lots of learning for sure. I love that elevator shot!