Friday, April 23, 2010

Coffee Time!

Good Afternoon,
Yes, I said, Good Afternoon.... I know we are supposed to do this in the morning but time just has the best of me. We were up and out of the house for P.E. by 8:00 am. It has been crazy weather around here. Just when you think winter is over this cold front comes in and freezes us all out. The beginning of the week we were in shorts and today we are in sweats! We have had a busy week (as usual) but we accomplished a lot. A full week of school completed, yes! We are winding down our school and can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can almost feel summer! Of course, I really can't feel summer because we are freezing. I am sure we have a difference of opinion on what is freezing and what is not. I am officially a desert rat so anything below 60 is COLD!!!
Anyway, here are some pics of the week..

Yard Work

My girl swimming on Saturday and now we are turning the heater back on!

My husband planted a new tree...

More yard stuff!

Our bags of donations of clothes from my boy's room!



  1. Our weather is awful here, too. Tornado warnings all weekend. Good times!

    Isn't it exciting to be able to see the end of school in sight. We are about to finish our math books (a first EVER, we usually work on them all summer)and I can hardly wait for things to begin winding down!

    Have a great, warm, weekend!

  2. I'm with you on the cold, can't stand it! Here in N.E. Louisiana we're having heavy rain this week-end, but while it's a tad bit cooler, it's certainly not cold. The a/c is running. Enjoyed visiting with you this afternoon and love your blog design. Blessings to you!

  3. We got the opposite this week! It was pouring rain earlier in the week, and yesterday and today has been beautiful out. The weather has been so strange this year. I can't do the cold either...mid 60s and 70s is good for me. Thanks. =p Hope you have a lovely weekend, whatever the weather ends up being.

  4. Looks like it was a good week... I'm ready for summer too!!

  5. I'm like you when it comes to the temperature!! We've been having nice warm temps. Yesterday was 83. I wish it would stay right there!
    Y'all had a productive week looks like! Great job! I need to carry out several bags like that from my house.
    Have a blessed day!