Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Week of School

Well, here it is....the first week of school. AHHH!!! Where did my summer go??? All the plans....All the rest.....out the window. Gone!!! I am actually thinking I need to be back in school to get some rest.
We have had a very busy summer and somehow I have managed to pull it together enough to get curriculum and to get these kids into shape. So, we grudgingly happily started our 10th year of homeschooling!! Yes, I said 10th. I count Kindergarten and on bad days I say 11 years because I did do Pre-K.

We started out the week poorly but we are ending on a better note. You know, I always say the hardest thing about homeschooling is the attitudes. I have to admit, sometimes that it is not only the kids that have attitudes but it is me as well. So, I will reflect on the week and remember the good old days (like Pre K and Kindergarten). No, really First grade was great too!!! Okay, seriously, I have to remember that I was called to do this job! I will do it (most of the time) with a smile on my face. I will look at my sweet baby girls eyes and look at a pre teen! I hate that word. I don't think I ever used it with my son, but my girl sure can make me think she is a teen. And then there is the boy....can anyone say high school?? When I started this thing I thought I would be done by now but here I am plodding along in high school.

Okay, enough rambling.....
We made it through the week. And yes I love homeschooling...most of the time. I know why I do it. I have precious memories (again most of the time) with my sweet kiddos that we all know flies by.

And this....this pictures tells the real story why I homeschool.


  1. Go Kim...those are great pictures. Keep smiling, keep doing hard things, it will all be worth it. This is from your friend who is still on summer vacation for three more days.

  2. Where do the time go? We did Pre-k too.

    This High School thing is HARD work...who signed me up for this? Must have been in the fine print! LOL...I never read the fine print.

    Have a great 2nd week!